• Rahul Athavale

"Isolated in a Bubble"-Sydney Devara

Isolated in a bubble with my peers, practicing shelter in place. Donated masks wrapped around my concerned face.

Social Distancing in a jail where our beds are just two or three feet apart.

Public Health Departments order to stay 6 feet apart. How is that logical in jail when I could smell the next man's B.O. and an occasional fart.

The deputies say, "We are safer in here" I'll gladly trade places, so you can understand my real fears.

Trapped in a box outbreaks are around me, nothing is safe, a phone call home can kill me. I roll the dice when I go to court. The pandemic changed the world in one day. An unknown death, with no Vaccine of course.

Isolated in a bubble. My worst fears came true, a asphyxiated person snapped through this poem ends with me breathing through tube.

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